Around august of 2014, I coded a simple website and used it to track my progress at Dev Bootcamp. It was one of the requirements for the first of four phases. I had a lot of fun learning while working on it but I was never fully satisfied with it’s overall look and feel.

I wrote a few blog posts, after that, about what I was learning at the time. The topics were basic programming and web development concepts but the content was mostly bound to my limited understanding at the time.

Unfortunately as soon as I started the in house part of DBC, I stopped writing and lot of progress and aha moments went undocumented.

After a lot of learning and not a lot of writing, I’ve decided to discard my old posts (sort of… They’re archived on Github) and start some fresh ones.

I will be writing mostly about programming topics surrounding Web Development and Linux, along with fitness and healthy nutrition information that I’ve personally learned and accumulated over time.

If you’re starting programming or web development, or if you’re looking for fitness and nutrition tips, stick around you’re in the right place.

Stay tuned for future posts!